Keys To Success For Kids

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Do you feel like your kids could use that BOOST? Think they need new habits in order to have success?
Hey, my name is Caleb Maddix and at a young age, I realized what traits successful people, and more specifically kids have. I started living this in my life and saw some amazing results, and for awhile kept it to myself.

But one day when I was 12 years old I decided to write a book called “Key To Success For Kids”.. And people LOVED IT.

In this book your kids will learn how to:

– Stop Making Excuses
– Set Short Term And Long Term Goals
– Start Working Hard And Stop Being Lazy
– Stop Playing As Many Video Games
– Managing Their Time
– Start Using Manners And Being More Respectful
– Start Having A Hunger To Learn
– Make More Money And Have Good Money Beliefs
– Giving More And Thinking About Others
– Stop Being Afraid Of Failure/Rejection
– Start Applying What They Learn

Even kids who hate reading are usually captivated by the stories, analogies, and practical analogies that this book includes!

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