Emotional Intelligence for Leadership: A Practical Guide 2.0 to Mastery Controlling Emotions, Improve Your Social Skills. Know Why it Can Matter More Than IQ. For Project Managers for Sales Success

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This Book Will Pave Your Way To Success!

If you…
get stressed and offended easily
overreact to criticism
have a hard time dealing with people’s emotions
… you must work on your emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and regulate your own emotions AND to understand other people’s emotions. 

And your emotional intelligence is more important than your IQ when it comes to achieving success, especially when it comes to being a successful leader. To put it very bluntly, if a person makes everyone around them feel bad, no one cares about that person’s high IQ.

Don’t be this person.

Fortunately, no one has to be stuck with low emotional intelligence for life. If you aren’t satisfied with your emotional intelligence, you can improve and develop it at any age – even if you have decades of bad habits behind you.

Improving your emotional intelligence will make LITERALLY every situation easier. 
And this book will teach you EXACTLY how to do it – there are step-by-step instructions and exercises that you can do.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to boost your confidence and become more resilient
  • How to earn people’s loyalty, trust, and respect by genuinely understanding their emotions
  • How to end conflicts without starting more conflicts
  • How to inspire and motivate your team members and your loved ones
  • How to lower your – and your teammates’ – stress levels and avoid ugly emotional outbursts
As you see, developing your emotional intelligence has numerous benefits for you AND the people you work with. Being a good leader is about understanding and motivating people, not ordering them around and ignoring their feelings. So if you’re a leader – or want to be one – high emotional intelligence is a MUST.

Take the first step to becoming a better leader!

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