Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties

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A completely revised and updated fourth edition of the New York Times bestseller, designed to guide younger adults through the world of personal finance.

More than ever before, people in their twenties and thirties need help getting their financial lives in order. And who could blame them?

These so-called millennials have come of age in the wake of the worst economic crisis in memory, and are now trying to get by in its aftermath. They owe record levels of student loan debt, face sky-high rents, and struggle to live on a budget in an uncertain economy.

It’s time for them to get a financial life.

For two decades, Beth Kobliner’s bestseller has been the financial bible for people in their twenties and thirties. With her down-to-earth style, she has taught them how to get out of debt, learn to save, and invest for their futures. In this completely revised and updated edition, Kobliner shares brand-new insights and concrete, actionable advice geared to help a new generation of readers form healthy financial habits that will last a lifetime. With fresh material that reflects the changing digital world, Get a Financial Life remains an essential tool for young people learning how to manage their money.

From tackling taxes to boosting credit scores, Get a Financial Life can show those just starting out how to decrease their debt, avoid common money mistakes, and navigate the world of personal finance in today’s ever-changing landscape.


A daring book….A life’s worth of smart financial advice.

Linda Stern


A daring book aimed at Generation Xers unafraid of a blunt author who will tell them what to do fast….A life’s worth of smart financial advice.

Paul A. Samuelson

Professor of Economics Emeritus, MIT; Nobel Laureate in Economics

Shaw said youth is wasted on the young. I suspect the Kobliner financial wisdoms will work out well at all our ages.

Saul Hansell

Business Reporter,” The New York Times”

“Get a Financial Life” is an expert yet reassuringly simple guide to mastering your money, for people trying to keep afloat in the wake of the baby boomers.

Deborah Stead

“The New York Times”

A highly readable and substantial guide to the grown-up worlds of money and business. Backed up by bibliographies, source lists, and useful phone numbers, this book could be tucked into one of those ubiquitous backpacks to guide novices through the thickets of apartment rentals, mortgage applications, taxes and more. Its strength is in explaining both the principles and the practicalities involved in each chunk of the landscape.

Stuart Varney

“CNN Business News”

Paul A. Samuelson

Institute Professor Emeritus, MIT; Nobel Laureate in Economics

Shaw said youth is wasted on the young. I suspect the Kobliner financial wisdoms will work out well at all our ages.

Burton G. Malkiel

Chemical Bank Chairman’s Professor of Economics, Princeton University; author, “A Random Walk Down Wall Street”

One of the best guides to help young people get a handle on money matters.

Paul A. Volcker

Former Chairman, Federal Reserve Board

With all those new choices, personal financial decision making is getting more and more complicated, even for the computer generation. Beth Kobliner’s book provides a much-needed and sensible guide.

Dean Shepherd

Anchor, CNBC

Laying a solid financial foundation is one of the most important and rewarding tasks facing young people today. In “Get a Financial Life,” Beth Kobliner has created a great guide that will make the job much easier and a lot more fun.

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