What Hedge Funds Really Do: An Introduction to Portfolio Management

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What do hedge funds really do? These lightly-regulated funds continually innovate new investing and trading strategies to take advantage of temporary mispricing of assets (when their market price deviates from their intrinsic value). These techniques are shrouded in mystery, which permits hedge fund managers to charge exceptionally high fees. While the details of each funds’ approach are carefully guarded trade secrets, this book draws the curtain back on the core building blocks of many hedge fund strategies Beyond the book’s instructional goals, What Hedge Funds Do provides a needed complement to journalistic accounts of the hedge fund industry, to deepen the understanding of non-specialist readers such as policymakers, journalists, and individual investors. It is written by a fund practitioner and computer scientist (Balch), in collaboration with a public policy economist and finance academic (Romero).

Dr. Philip J. Romero is an economist, policy analyst, band applied mathematician, and former California chief economist. Tucker Balch is a former F-15 pilot, Professor of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, and co-founder of Lucena Research, Inc., an investment research firm.

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